Saturday, 21 February 2009


Every site that I have played on have chatrooms throughout the day as an incentive to hold onto their customers. Some chatgames require you to actively take part to win. For example, when certain numbers are called in the bingo game you might need to shout somthing in chat to win in the chatgame (depending what the chatgame actually is), or could even be a quiz. Other chatgames just require you to be in the chatroom, and you might get picked to play the chatgame. There are usually chosen in regards to the winner of the bingo game.

The amount that you can win in a chatgame varies from site to site. It also depends what the chatgame is and what time it is played. On the sites that vary the amount they pay out in chatgames, generally, it is higher in the evenings, when there are more players. However, like the actual bingo games, it is more difficult to win chatgame prizes when there are more players, as you are competing against more people.

One of the biggest bingo sites offers only a quiz as the chatgame. These are held randomly throughout the day, and are held in every room. On this particular site you can only win a maximum of 2 questions a day, which is £2. Although this may seem stingy compared to other sites, which may allow you to win unlimited number of chatgames in a day, I actually prefer it done in this way. This is because on some other sites, you do not even need to have cards playing in the bingo game to be able to take part in the chat games, so you may get some people who are just there to try and win money from the chatgames to be able to play bingo. Think how unfair it would be if they were to go on and win a game of bingo from money won in a chatgame, when they risked nothing themselves.

There are a few sites which pay the chatgame prizes as real cash, however most pay it as BB's (Bingo Bonuses). Generally, if the site separates your balance in to real money and BB's, the chatgame wins are payed into the BB's part. This then has the same rules as with the deposit bonuses (see one of my previous posts titles 'Bingo...Deposit Bonuses')in which you have to spend the real cash part of your balance before you can spend the BB's.

On a few sites you need to deposit to your bingo account within a certain number of days to continue being eligible to win in the chatgames. But what is a fair timescale??? Well I played on one site where you need to deposit every 5 days to be able to win in the chatgames. Although this particular site does give away large amounts of money in the chatgames, in my opinion, this is way to short a timescale. Another site allows you to be eligible for chatgames for 30 days after a deposit. I know they are businesses, but on one hand they are doing all they can to promote gambling awareness, but on the other hand, they are encouraging you to deposit more than you may want/need to. You may still have funds in your account so don't need to deposit, but do anyway because you want to play in the chatgames.

Chatrooms I know its not cool to use internet chatrooms, but is it really any different from writing a blog???

When you write a new post it may be because you want people to reply to it. So in fact you are chatting to different people, it is just that the conversation may spread across may hours, days or weeks. Whereas if you have a conversation in a chatroom, you could get the same point across in minutes.

I play bingo for both the excitement of the game ( yes it really is exciting!!! especially when you get close to winning big money) as well as being able to chat to many different people. Some people I chat to in bingo chatrooms I actually know in real-life, however some go on to becoming friends through chatting to the same people over a long period of time.

I hope that more people soon see that bingo is a fun game to play and it is not just for old people, which is how a lot of people still see it ( i did myself til I joined a bingo site, but have been hooked ever since).

Monday, 16 February 2009

Deposit Bonuses

Some sites offer a deposit bonus as well as a sign up bonus. However, for a few sites this is the only bonus that is offered. Like the sign up bonus, where each site offers a different amount, the deposit bonuses are different percentages depending on the site. I have seen sites offering between 100%-300% as a deposit bonus.

There are a few sites where the bonus and real cash are shown as the same total, however, there will still be wagering terms and conditions that you need to follow before you can make a withdrawal.

Mosts sites show a separate balance for real money and Bingo Bonuses (BB's). This means that when you are buying bingo cards, it takes it from the real money section, until you run out, then it starts taking it from the BB section. You are only able to withdraw from the real money part of your balance. On most of these type of sites, if you have a win while you are spending BB's, the winnings will go into the real money part of your balance, so you would be able to withdraw that (although there will still be terns and conditions to follow....such as when you make a withdrawal, the amount of BB's will be taken down to the same amount of real money that you left in your account)

Ever site is different in the way they offer bonuses, and the wagering requirements you need to follow to be able to withdraw. So it is worth checking these things out before you even make a deposit.

Sign up bonuses

Some sites offer a one-off sign up bonus for you to try it before you deposit your own money. However, it seems to be the sites who don't offer a sign up bonus who get the most customers. Sometimes, I think when sites get over run with people signing up and playing with just the bonus, it loses them customers who have deposited. After all, who is going to want to keep putting in their own money, when it's going to be lost to someone who hasn't deposited their own money, so have risked nothing?

Some sites who offer sign up bonuses make it clear that you will never be able to win real money with it. This is because you don't get access to the cash playing bingo rooms until you have deposited your own money.

Others let you play against real players for real money when you are using the bonus. This is where people come unstuck when they are new because they think they will be able to withdraw what they have won. In actual fact you won't be able to withdraw until you have met all the wagering terms and conditions (usually 4x deposit + bonuses).

There is one other way I found that a site lets you use the bonus, and that is you can play against real players for real money with the bonus, but you are in a different chatroom. So people with bonus money can never chat to people using real money, even though they all play in the same game. So you are never going to know how many freebie players you are playing against (or how many ghost players).

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Introduction to bingo

There are so many bingo sites out there now, so if you are new to it, you might not know the best place to start playing. So I decided to make this so I can let you know where I find the bests sites to play. This is just my opinion, from trying out many different sites. There are sites you can sign up to and try with a sign up bonus, without even having to deposit your own money, and other sites where you just get a deposit bonus. Each type of site has positive and negative aspects. However it all depends on the way in which you want to play bingo, for exapmle whether you want large bonuses every time you deposit, so you can play for a long time, or no deposits, so if you have a win you can withdraw straight away. I will go into more detail or anything bingo I can think of. I hope you find it helpful. I have a link for an amazing sign up bonus to the site I play on regularly. Please feel free to send me an email, and i'll send you the link. If you sign up using the link you'll get an extra £25 to play with on top of all the other bonuses